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  • Speeds up the metabolism
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Proven diet pill


  • It is difficult to sleep if taken in the evening
  • Some side effects

PhenQ Review (update: 2020)

Obesity has turned into a severe, more widespread, and costly epidemic in the USA. According to the recent researches, more than 35% of adult people in America suffer from obesity, which increases the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disorder, diabetes, and even cancer. Moreover, the annual medical fees for the treatment of this disease are nearly $150 billion.

The disease is fed by the increased intake of junk food and alcoholic drinks full of sugar. Therefore, it is necessary to find a solution to this problem as fast as possible or fatal accidents will keep rising year by year.

However, there is a way out. People should lose weight. Obviously, every person knows something about diets. We can find a lot of tips on how to lose weight online, from reducing the calorie intake and following a diet to working out. If you’ve followed some of these tips, you understand that reducing weight by means of diets and workouts is quite difficult.

When is PhenQ the best option?

Weight loss pills promising incredible weight loss results have become the most popular remedies in the diet market. Most of the weight loss pills are offered by people, whose only purpose it to gain money despite the results that patients achieve using their products. Weight loss pills are the best option for driven entrepreneurs who car only about their profit and not about your health. Patients with obesity spent millions on weight loss pills that prove useful. The only thing that will lose weight is your purse.


Due to the progress in scientific studies and innovation, there are genuine weight loss pills that allow you to lose weight. They include FDA-approved pills that have passed scientific tests and proved to be efficient in helping people lose weight almost without efforts. Unluckily, original weight loss pills are difficult to find on a market, as most sellers provide you anything but the slim body. However, clinically tested and approved diet pills do exist, and today we want to tell you about the most efficient method of weight loss.

PhenQ Review – PhenQ ingredients

PhenQ is the best solution to your obesity. It’s a diet pill approved by FDA that provides incredible weight loss results.


Each bottle of this drug include 60 pills that contain the next components:

  • Caffeine (substance that improves thermogenesis)
  • Capsimax Powder (fat burner)
  • Nopal (reduces appetite)
  • Chromium Picolinate (decreases your desire to eat carbohydrates and junk food)
  • Calcium Carbonate (allows you to achieve healthy weight)
  • L- Carnitine Furmarate (turns fat into energy)
  • A-Lacys Reset (fills your sells with oxygen)

Thanks to PhenQ, you can keep eating any types of food and maintain an optimal weight. This medication includes all the necessary components to provide you a slim figure. So, let’s start our PhenQ Review by examining all of the above-mentioned ingredients.


Caffeine – allows you to stay full and increase your endurance.
Perhaps you’ve heard that you must refused coffee if you wish to slim down. However, it’s wrong. Caffeine is the main component of energetic and diet pills. It is a natural stimulator that keeps you alert, increases focus, and allows you to decreased weakness or fatigue. It gives you a sense of being full to prevent meal cravings and increase thermogenesis, which gives you more energy to workout. Caffeine increases endurance levels and multiplies your performance during the day.

Capsimax Powder – fat burner.
Capsimax powder is a potent mixture of Vitamin B (or Niacin) and caffeine, piperine and capsicum. Piperine, which is actually black pepper, increases thermogenesis and allows you to burn fat. With improves thermogenesis, your organism prevent fat absorption, allowing you to maintain a slim body you’ve dreamt of.

Nopal– reduces your cravings for carbs and sugar.
Nopal is a cactus component with high fiber content. What is fiber for? Actually, fiber allows you to feel full for longer time. We all know about the importance of adding fiber to your diet, particularly if you’re always hungry. The medication includes enough fiber to decrease your appetite.

Chromium Picolinate – maintain your blood sugar at a normal level.
Chromium Picolinate is a natural component that can be found in whole wheat products, vegetables and meat. This substance is very important for the weight loss, as it reduces your cravings for junk food and carbohydrates, which are the main reasons for weight gain. It helps you to maintain your blood sugar levels at a normal level. When you eat carbohydrates and other sugar-rich meals, the medications converts fat into energy. When you have enough energy, your cravings for carbohydrates and sugar reduce.

Calcium Carbonate – burn fat instead of keeping it.
you’ve probably heard that calcium makes your bones stronger. Moreover, this substance allows you to maintain a normal weight. If you have enough calcium, your body won’t store fat. Instead, it will burn the fat reserves. Researches have shown that when obese people consume enough calcium, they burn fat and lose much more weight.

L-Carnitine Furmarate – turns fat into energy.
L-Carnitine Furmarate can be found in green veggies, red meat and chestnuts. This substance allows you to lose weight by turning fat into energy. Your body won’t accumulate unnecessary fat anymore.

Scientifically proven components

We should note that each of these components has been tested and proven to be safe for patients’ health. These ingredients were proven efficient in burning fat stored in your hips, thighs and belly.

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PhenQ Review – Does PhenQ work?

The main goal of PhenQ is to help you lose weight.

However, the mechanism of diet pill is very easy to understand.
It has 5 various mechanisms of action.

Thermogenic property helps you to improve the metabolism by enhancing your body temperature for a certain time. In such a way, most of the fat stored in your body melts away.

Appetite Suppression
The main cause for weight gain is too high calorie intake. PhenQ reduces the amount of calories you consume by suppressing your appetite. You will eat less without even noticing eat.

Impedes fat release
This medication allows burning the accumulated fat and preventing new fat release.

Energy increase
The energy reduces because of appetite suppression. This energy increases due to the efficient ingredients.

PhenQ Review – Why Should You Choose It?

PhenQ is the best option for various reasons:

  • PhenQ is a proven diet pill, which allows you to lose extra pounds in a few weeks.
  • The substance provides long-term results, which means that you won’t regain the lost kilos.
  • PhenQ acts in a natural way, without affecting your health.
  • It reduces your hunger, which allows you to get rid of your overeating habits leading to the weight gain.
  • PhenQ accelerates your metabolism, helping your body burn the unnecessary calories.
  • PhenQ is an FDA-approved drug that includes only 100% natural components.

Main advantages

PhenQ is a diet drug that allows you to improve your general health, helping your body to lose the excess weight.


Using this drug will help you maintain an optimal weight and start active and healthy life.

Here you can find the main benefits of PhenQ:
PhenQ is a proven diet pill that allows you lose about five pounds a week.
The medication suppresses your appetite, so the people who can’t control their appetite can reduce their calorie intake.

PhenQ speeds up the metabolism, which helps you to burn the excessive calories.
Accelerated metabolism also helps to increase your level of energy levels, because during the treatment, consumed fat is turned into energy.

Enhanced energy level allows you to stay active and cope with your daily activities.
The drug contains mood-enhancing components that help to alleviate stress and improve your mood.


PhenQ increases your self-confidence.
The medication is equally useful for men and women.

Using PhenQ, you can be sure than you won’t regain the lost kilos. This means that the substance not only acts to burn the excess kilos, but also enables your body to maintain an optimal weight after stopping the treatment.

Improves mood- When your calorie intake reduces, it can make you sad and angry. The mood enhancing components maintain the good mood, which allows you to deal with your daily activities.

PhenQ Review – Why is it better than the other drugs?

You can find some of our components in other diet products. However, it’s the unique combination of these mixed with our secret component, which permitted us to create a stronger, more potent medication providing far better fat-burning results to others.

Is PhenQ FDA approved?

Using the best quality, natural components and prepared in FDA and GMP approved facilities in the United States, PhenQ is the overall, comprehensive weight loss solution.

How to use this medication?

Take PhenQ in the morning during the breakfast, and another one during the lunch. Avoid taking more than two pills. As every bottle includes 60 pills, it is enough for a month.


Take this medication according to the prescriptions, as exceeding the dose won’t speed up your weight loss. As this drug includes caffeine, you must not take it in the evening, as it can disturb your sleep. If it happens, decrease your coffee intake and other drinks that contain caffeine while taking the drug.


Adverse effects

There have been no significant PhenQ adverse effects communicated. Some patients have experienced minor digestive problems and tremor. However, these symptoms usually go away within a few days. Remember that this substance must not be taken by pregnant women or underage people. If you have any severe health condition, consult your physician before starting the treatment.

PhenQ Review – When will you note the results?

Generally, patients achieve the desired results in a few months. However, it varies from person to person. It depends on your weight and level of activity. For instance, some people have lost about fifty pounds in just 90 days of treatment.

It is essential to follow the doctor’s indications and take the drug on a regular basis. Keep in mind that the final results are different in different people.

Desired results

PhenQ is available in a bottle that contains 60 pills. Common daily dosage is two pills a day. Therefore, one bottle is enough for one month. In our experience, you will note the desired in about 3 months.

Is PhenQ certified?

This drug has been certified as a “Doctor Trusted Website”. Their website includes a lot of certifications confirming the safety of using the online order form. Moreover, PhenQ has been GMP approved.

The manufacturers of this drug state that their facilities comply with the FDA standards. However, this does not mean the drug is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. As PhenQ includes only 100% natural components, it doesn’t require FDA approval. But despite the fact that its components are organic, if you’re using other drugs or have preexisting health issues, you should consult your physician before starting the treatment.


The feedbacks that you may find online are extraordinary positive for a weight loss supplement. You can see that almost every person who used this drug were completely satisfied. There are almost no adverse effects apart from some sleeping problems. Other negative feedbacks include not achieving results as quickly as expected and not seeing the desired results.

Apart from these small drawbacks, almost everyone who has tried PhenQ has lost weight and started to wear a smaller size. The website contains feedbacks of patients who achieved incredible results after taking the substance for a few months.

What PhenQ can’t provide:

  • PhenQ is a very potent and efficient medication, which allows you to lose weight more quickly; however, it shouldn’t be regarded as a magic formula that provides results for one night!
  • It takes about three weeks to achieve tangible result. However, doctors recommend you to use PhenQ for about three months.
  • Moreover, if you want to lose as much as possible, it is essential that you follow a healthy diet and workout program during the treatment.
  • Changing the lifestyle will allow you to achieve significant results in a very short time.

Client feedbacks

Any detailed and honest PhenQ feedback should take into consideration the “Word on the street”.

If patients are achieving great results taking something then that will start to shine through when more and more patients leave user feedbacks on independent websites.

Of course, you should discount the people ramping the product because they are reselling it, and the people knocking it down because they are being paid by the firms who sell similar medications.

However, almost everyone finds PhenQ fascinating:

“This medication acts for everyone. I have used PhenQ with my friends, and we all have achieved great results. I also believe in PhenQ, as we haven’t experienced any side effects during the treatment.”

“Sometimes you just can’t believe the magic of the weight loss pill. It’s not cheap I bought these with trepidation. During the first week, I haven’t noticed any results and I was about to throw away the bottle. But as I slightly changed my diet and started to work out, I saw the desired results. In just 2 months, and I have managed to lose 3 stones!”

“I have become a mom one year ago and had the time to lose the pregnant weight. However, PhenQ made it much easier. It allowed me to reduce my calorie intake. I even managed to refuse from pastries, which are my greatest weakness, and I’ve got much more energy during the treatment. In just several months, I’ve manage to lose my baby weight.”

Remember that PhenQ is not only a diet pill but has the other health advantages as well (according to the most users).

PhenQ Review – Pros and cons

PhenQ customer claimstate it really works

Let’s start with the cons…

  • It is difficult to sleep if taken in the evening. The recommended dose is 1 pill in the morning and 1 during the lunch.
  • However, once I’ve skipped my second pill and took it in the evening. On that day, I didn’t manage to fall asleep until midnight.
  • It’s quite expensive, though. I started me treatment with 1 bottle, which cost me $70.
  • Later on, I saw that I started to lose weight with PhenQ, and decided to buy a few more bottles. The sellers gave me an extra bottle for free, as they have a “3 for 1” offer.
  • PhenQ isn’t very cheap. However, you pay for your results, and I promise you it will be worth it!

And now the pros…

  • You’ll have more energy. During the first week of treatment, I felt much more energetic; it became much easier to work out as well, as my stamina levels increased.
  • The pill starts acting right after the intake. You’ll have lots of energy and feel full much longer.
  • This appetite reducing effect is very useful, as you stop craving junk food and carbs.
  • Moreover, it becomes much easier to work out, as you feel much more active due to the boost of energy provided by PhenQ.
  • Reduced cravings – PhenQ has different effect, and one of them is suppressing your appetite.

“The first time I used this medication, I had skipped breakfast as I was in a hurry. Nevertheless, I felt an incredible boost of energy.

In most cases, when driving to work, I felt dizzy and sleepy. But that day everything changed. I was full of energy despite missing breakfast. Moreover, I felt full even in the afternoon!

It was very strange to not feel endless hunger. I felt amazing!”

“My bad habits always were binge eating and junk food, but this drug allowed me to reduce my cravings and improve my eating behavior.

The drug is available with free meal plan and workout plans – It’s hard to believe that before the treatment I used to avoid exercising and my calorie intake was horrible.

Even though PhenQ was something new in my life, I always considered it as an instrument and knew that for long-term changes I’ll have to completely change my bad lifestyle.”

“The good news is that PhenQ comes with a free meal program and workout plan. Therefore, giving up my old overeating habits became a lot easier with a full PhenQ transformation guide.

Our guide will show you what you must eat and how long you should work out. These recommendations are useful.

Our transformation guide implies that you work out regularly. I haven’t used to go to the gym, but the transformation guide explained in detail what I had to do. Since then, I have exercised every week!”

PhenQ guide isn’t perfect, as it doesn’t say exactly when you should eat or workout. But at the same time, it explains what types of food you can eat. It’s quite useful for the beginners.

If you regularly take PhenQ and follow the workout routines and meal program provided in the guide, you will achieve the desired results and see the long-term changes.

You don’t have to use other medications – Another benefit of PhenQ is that you don’t have to purchase other drugs to lose excessive weight.

Taking 2 pills of PhenQ a day and sticking to the recommendations in the guide will help you to achieve an optimal weight. The medications will start working it about 2 weeks, but only if you keeping working hard every day.

We recommend you to buy a gym pass to not lose the motivation. However, running in the morning and doing some exercises at home will be enough.

“I started to go to the gym and worked with a personal trainer, as it allowed me to feel more comfortable. If you can afford it, my advice is to hire a personal trainer for the beginning.

It’s quite comfortable – If you’ve followed the extreme diets or bought home DVDs with exercises, you understand that they take a lot of time and aren’t an option for busy people. The main benefit of PhenQ is that it’s easy to use and it doesn’t take much of your time, in contrast to the other weight loss programs.”

“You will really lose weight – The good news is that this medication works and brings incredible results. Believe me, I’ve tried a lot of supplements and weight loss drugs that have just wasted my time and money!”

“I couldn’t believe that PhenQ really worked. However, I decided to buy one bottle and when I noticed the result I purchased a few more. That’s how my weight loss journey started.”

PhenQ Review – Conclusion

Assessing this medication PhenQ was a new experience for us.

We should note that PhenQ is great weight loss drug with a different range of components that seems to have positive results for weight loss, with minimum adverse effects.

Surely, different persons leave different feedback-from brilliant to the horrible. However, most people find it great.

Advantages of using PhenQ weight loss drugs:

  • Contains only 100% natural ingredients.
  • Mixed components seem to provide great results.
  • A-Lacy formula seems to be a perfect weight loss ingredient.
  • Patients reporting incredible weight reduction even without meal plans and workouts.
  • It’s not very costly to take it for several months.
  • No essential adverse effects have been reported.
  • Common results seem to be about 7% or body fat lost.

However, you should take into account some important disadvantages:

  • Some of the components, such as calcium carbonate can cause negative consequences in excessive amount.
  • However, some patients communicate a number of adverse effects during the treatment.
  • You can’t expect positive outcomes in the long run if you won’t change your meal plan and start to work out.
  • Therefore if you are looking for a weight loss pill that can help you lose much weight, PhenQ is the best option.
  • It seems to burn fat, reduce your cravings, prevent fat release, elevate your mood, increase your level of energy and make you more active.

Do you think about trying PhenQ? This pill is worth trying if your purpose is to lose much weight.

Even though it’s a perfect weight loss method, it won’t help you overnight. It’s just an instrument that you can use to achieve your goals.

If you’ve never exercised before, it’s time due to the energy increase it provides. If you decide to start a diet, you should try PhenQ, as it will reduce your appetite making it easy to follow your meal plan.

PhenQ makes your life much better and helps you change your way of life. This drug allows you burn fat and lose extra pounds, particularly in the hips and thighs.

PhenQ is the weight loss drug that’s worked best for many patients with obesity.

Try this medication and see some of the “Before/after” photos! I insist that you try PhenQ and see the real and long-term results.